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Real-world elements vs composite elements in Ecodesigner

Hi everyone, I have searched around for information on whether Ecodesigner will give realistic results if I model a building using real-world elements. That is to say, if I model a timber-frame house with insulation panels, services void, breather ca...


In my window schedule the zone name does not display for any single hung or double hung window type. The zone name for other window types display without issue. I have fiddled with every parameter available. Suggestions?

altruno by Newcomer
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Nemetschek Group acquires dRofus

Seems like another step to cover the whole building life-cycle with their portfolio of applications. Press release:

how do I unlink the tool bars/pallets in AC19

The tool bars/pallets have taken over my screen and there is no place to work in AC19 because they are linked to the main space...Up till now kept all tool bars on another do I unlink these pesky things and arrange for a better workspace...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Ganging windows

Morning, I'd like to be able to join a multifold door and a hinged door together, with a 4 sash louvred highlight over the top. I've been trying to join the units together with ganging, but I can't make the lines disappear between the units in plan, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Modeling walls with a brick ledge

I have a foundation with a brick ledge and a composite wall above (in Archicad 20). In the 3d model the skins that extend below the top of the foundation stick out past the corners as shown in the image. I have thought of two possible workarounds, se...

Brick ledge corner behavior.png
Anonymous by Not applicable
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Zone - Crop to roof and CW Strange behaviour

I have problem with Zone and uncovered surface for Energy evaluation. ZOne cropped with roof are cut lower then the upside of the roof. Zone automatic CW slope and position seams doesn't match to the CW. It creates uncovered surfaces


I'm trying to assemble the sequence of basic polyhedra; tetrahedron, octahedron, hexahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron. There are plenty of objects for GDL, but I have been trying to re-script one for coordinates input from origins at the centre, sta...

andyro by Contributor
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Troubleshooting graphics > exhaustion

This is mostly a rant, I guess, but I am finding myself more and more disheartened while using AC20, because it seems like there are now so many ways to manipulate the graphic display of an element, that when something doesn't "look right," figuring ...

Fill Background Pen

Default Fill Background Pen is set to pen 19 to all objects in AC. Using a standard Pen Set, pen 19 is white. This is a pain if you use a different Pen Set. Why default Fill Background Pen is not Pen 0 (Transparent) or -1 (Window Background Color)?? ...

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