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Creating Stairs

Hello, I am trying to create stairs in situ and everything is brilliant apart from the fact the Archicad keeps showing one extra step where the landing is supposed to be. If I turn the landing off the number for the last riser disappears as well. Is ...

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 15.42.00 copy.png
Anonymous by Not applicable
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Central Innovation Ltd acquires Cadimage Group Limited

Read the announcement here: Would be great to hear from someone in the know about what this could mean for ARCHICAD in Australia and New Zealand in the future in terms o...

Missing component in Built-in story marker..?

Greetings all, I have just started looking through AC20 that’s just rolled out and wondering if anyone else have noticed that the story markers (Built-in Story marker), no longer allows you to add any “floor level coding” as it was noted in previous ...

Floor level coding.JPG

Morph Tool Question

Where two adjacent faces have a common edge, we can CURVE and MERGE the edge. Does anybody knows how to select the radius of the curve? or what the default radius dimension is?

How do I put my 2D window back in the interface?

Hello, I accidentally took my 2D window out of my ArchiCAD 19 interface, and can't put it back (hangs his head in shame:(... If someone would please instruct me how to do this I will appreciate it. fyi: This is not a Teamwork file; mine only. Thanks.

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Window marker placement

In A20 I have the option of marker placement on dbl hung windows to be moved to the other side of the window. This does not occur on sliding windows. How do I move the marker to the other side on sliding windows?

dahlsre by Newcomer
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Resolved! Mesh desappeared

Does anyone know why my mesh has suddenly gone invisible? I can still see it on the floor plans but not in 3D.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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