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Creating Custom Fills

Hi folks, Could anyone please explain to me why I cannot seem to see the lines in my custom symbol fill patterns? The attached screen grab shows the pattern that I am trying to achieve and what actually comes through. I have no clue why this is. Plea...

ARCHICAD 20 Live Stream Recording

The ARCHICAD 20 Global Debut was Live streamed on the 13th of June. You can watch the recording here:

Try ARCHICAD 20 in your browser

Check this out. Using the solution of the company called FRAME you can try ARCHICAD 20 in your web browser: ARCHICAD 20 is running on FRAME's servers (somewhere in the USA, I think) and you can remote control it via your web b...

Insulation Object

I found this in the library folder but it doesn't allow me to stretch to size. Does anyone has s stretchable insulation object to share? Thanks

Llian by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

3D model cut surfaces

So, I am working on a 3D model and I am now adding a roof to it. The "Trim Elements to Roof/Shell" doesn't work properly for some reason, so I am using SEO to trim the walls to the roof. The problem with this is that for some reason when I hide the r...

toman311 by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Reducing Mesh point heights by the same amount

Let's say I have a terrain modeled with mesh with different elevation for different isohypses. Is there a way to reduce the height of the whole model by certain amount without losing the geometry of modeled terrain. I attached the picture, I want to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference

As many of you may know the GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference was held last week in Budapest. This is a report by one of the attendees: There is also a list of tweets that give an idea of wha...

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