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Curtain wall cutting planes

Recently I ran into one more issue working with curtain walls. I have not typical corner and two curtain wall panels intersecting in it. Also the corner should be glazed(without frame) so I deleted boundary at that place (made invisible). But mullion...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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AC 19 copying

Hi! I have noticed that after copying (multiple copy) in AC 19 original element stays selected alongside copies. In previous versions after copying was done, selected were only copies and not original. Is there possibility to turn off that option in ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Reference Line location is not correct

In a composite wall I have included a vapor barrier for several reasons. It has the minimum default thickness which is 1/64". The reason it needs to have this minimum thickness is because of the graphics display errors you get if you try to set this ...

modules and copying

I am trying to use modules to locate 4 identical apartments on a hilly site. The site is been modeled in Architerra in one file, and the apartments moduled in AC19 on another. The apartments are 2 storeys and I therefore need to use the multiple stor...

KeesW by Contributor
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Software key missing

The software key log in panel does not show my key. Refresh doesn't work. The panel says I am logged in but doesn't show my available key. I am a sole proprietor using Archicad on only two computers. Same situation on both machines. Imac 27" late 201...

artlantis 6 license issue

Hi there, I am a 5th year architecture student. Not sure what I have missed but my artlantis license has recently run out, and like normal on my download page on my graphisoft account it says 'go to download page for 1-year serial'. Normally when thi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Lag with T&R

Is there any way that I can go back to AC 18 without the last update (6000) There is a serious lag when trace & reference is on, I didn't have this until after I installed the update.

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Custom Shaped Door

Hi All, Does anybody know how to create a custom shaped door, or is there an existing library part that can be manipulated accordingly? Essentially, I just want to slope the top of a door to fit under some stairs. Thanks,

Column Spanning Multiple Stories - Home Story

I am new to Archicad so this question is likely easy for someone to answer. I want a column to extend from the top of footing to a tie beam. If I place the column with the Home Story on the top of slab and an offset of -3', it appears properly. Howev...

Archicad Column.png

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