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Merging an modified GDL with an existing AC file

Hello : I've come across this problem quite ofter. Likely it's self-inflicted. I have a document which contains a number of instances of a GDL part, call it Part 1. I add features to Part 1 and save it as Part 2. I do this because I need to keep the ...

wall height

Hello everyone! I'm a new user of archicad and am experiencing trouble in the modification of wall height. It seems that now, all of a sudden, when I try to create a wall (by tracing over my 2d plan), the height of the wall automatically changes over...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 6 replies

ArchiCAD 19 interior lamp object fill

In AC19 INT library some (not all) lamps have greyed options for selecting fill type, pen and background pen in floorplan. Is there any checkbox that I am missing or what? I have checked in AC18 and it works without any problems.

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 13 replies

Bim Components and GLOB_CONTEXT Deprecated

Now GLOB_CONTEXT is Deprecated. When I download a 16 version on Bim Components it reports me: WOPE 19.0.0 build 3003 Converting GSMs to XMLs ----------------------- Converting XMLs to GSMs ----------------------- C:\Resources\directory\037dea269b8c45...

Guardrail and baluster

Is there any railing in AC 19 that I can insert a custom made baluster. I made a nice one with morph and it's the embedded library. But none of the railings that I see in the AC19 library will accept the custom baluster. It seems to me I recall a rai...

License Manager Tool and the Upgrade site Maintenance

Dear All, Due to maintenance License Manager Tool and the site will not be usable on the 15th of August from 9 AM UTC until 10 AM UTC. During this interval License Activation and Management will not be possible. Thank you for y...

AndorSzoke by Graphisoft Alumni
  • 0 replies

create complex 2d objects

Hi guys I try to do find similar posts but I couldn't so I was wondering if there is any good tutorial to create complex objects like the one showed in this video ( min: 1.03) thanks Luis

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

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