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I am presently using a template created with a previous version. AC18 gives me a certain number of surfaces to work with while using the above mentioned template. However, I noticed that if I start a new project using the AC18 Residential tpl there a...

Fill Settings

does anyone have fill settings for wall insulation that fit a 2x4 wall better ? I fussed with it for a while and could not get a good fit for this insulation fill. This is not so bad but I was hoping for something that fists the wall better.

Details 1:5 (problem with fills)

Hello, I'm trying to make details 1:5, in quick options I've set the scale to 1:5. When I'm using fills it show like the detail on the right in the attachment. But I want it like the detail on the left. How can I make this work? And do I need to set ...

Wall end lines

Working on AC 18 the wall end lines , regardless of type of request (left, right, both etc) keeps the end of the wall unchanged. Just a minor annoyance but I am wondering if other experience the same

PolyOperations_Example.gsm details

Hi Graphisoft! I'm working with exciting PolyOperations_Example object. Cutting polygon with halfplane works fine but when the halfplane is vertical I am in trouble: what parameters ca,cb and cc should be used in that case? ca,cb and cc are calculate...

Smart Merge

I am having a little trouble figuring out the work flow for Smart Merge. Can you explain how it works, how to initiate the process and what other considerations need to be made? My goal is to constantly update a DWG (that could or could not have the ...

ares997 by Newcomer
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Trace Reference shrinks

Trace reference is shrinking for some reason when I try to draw over it. Any one else see this happen? Refresh brings it back no problem but this is not good. See video.

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