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Why are my doors doing this?

I am adding exterior doors on a residential house. It is putting these small segments on either side of the leaf. On interior doors it is not doing this. I have tried multiple settings and changing parameters but it just changes the door and not gett...

Editing multiple instances of a trussmaker truss

I've made a truss in truss maker that is repeated several times in the model. If I go to make changes to the truss (from timber to steel construction for example) how can I make it so it applies to all instances of the truss rather than only the sele...

DSquad96 by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

FONTS...sizes are not right on the same two files

something's happening with my "fonts" whenever I saveas a PLN file thats in my clients office PC to my laptop (also a PC). The fonts on the Master Title layouts seems to be stretched or out of proportion in the horizontal direction. see attached. Has...

rob2218 by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Fills not showing up

I am working on Archicad 17 on a Mac platform. I am editing a complex profile in the profile manager. I have a fill in it that I want to change to another fill, but that fill is not showing up on my fill selection list. It shows up when I got Options...

mukster by Participant
  • 3 replies

Constant Migration Assistant

Hi All Have an odd one. We have a file that always shows migration assistant when opening. This file was created in AC12 but all other files we've migrated get this message once and thats it. I've linked all migration files across done a save as and ...

tlodge by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

ArchiCAD 18 Trapezoid wall stretching problem

Hi! I have just noticed in ArchiCAD 18 (build 4020, Win x 64), that on floor plan "Stretch Trapezoid Wall" button is not working. While pressing the button, Pet Palette disappears and nothing happens with the wall. This button works in a 3D window. F...

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