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Zone number - automatic story level

Hi, In the Zone_Stamp_2 18, is there a way to have the room number with automatic text (story) or/and a mix of custom text + automatic. What i need is to have the room number like this: Zone No.// for example: 02/3/4 Why? If there is a hotlink with a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to change door glass representation in 2D

Anyone who know how to change the way door glass is represented in 2D? I would like the line that represents the glass to be shorter and when I draw a double door I would like it to be två seperate lines, one for each leaf. // M

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

Material Display

Having a problem with the way AC 18 is displaying the materials in elevation and rendering. The double hung window and the door have masonry jack arches with a keystone. On the door it shows a stucco finish but on the window it shows as brick even th...


Wall display above cut plan

Scenario: Large dormer window in a pitched roof. Issue: Dormer walls above 4'-0" cut plane display as solid wall in plan view. Question: How can the wall display be changed to dashed lines where the wall occurs above the cut plane? Also note, the wal...

Convert solid morph to surface morph

I've seen several YouTube video's to convert solid morphs into surface morphs. But when I select a face or edge of a morph and select delete the whole morph gets deleted and doesn't turn into a surface morph. Also when I use 'Suspend Groups'.

Dontknow by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies

Morph for a Soffit

Hi I am having a problem with the "Solidify" morph command. I am trying to model a tapering curved soffit to join a Roman style arch and an elliptical arch. I have drawn Morph lines describing the perimeter of the soffit but when I use the "Solidify"...

Australian Standard Turning Circles

Does anyone know where i can get hold of Australian standard turning circles? mainly for passenger vehicle maneuvering.. (not trucks etc..) for unit parking etc.. DWG or GDL happy to pay for them if needed cheers Gene

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

3D Perspective Grid for drawing a perspective drawing?

I have created a 3D Document and I am drafting lines over it using vanishing points I derived from Box Shaped Shelves on the 3D Document. I can draw in perspective using these vanishing points, however it takes a long time because I need to zoom way ...

Gus by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

ARCHICAD 19 Announced

Today ArchiCAD 19 was announced by Graphisoft. Find all information about it here:

Wall Accessories Problem

I want my model to look neat and clean, for my 2 story building I used 2 composite walls and a composite slab in between them, replying on element priorities for proper intersections. But when I add the wall framing things look terrible. The framing ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

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