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Windows off, but Window Number on

Hi all, has anyone worked out how to keep showing the window/door number, even when the Model View for window/door is set to 'Show Opening Only'? This would be useful for us when we produce framing plans where we need to see only the opening and the ...

Doors not showing in plan view! HELP PLEASE!!

While waiting for someone to let me know why AC17 is not letting me put doors into the composite walls I created, I took a look at the 3d window and all the doors are there. There are about 20 doors all overlapping each other where I have repeatedly ...

door problem .jpg

Can't get door to go into a composite wall?

Have just started using the composite wall and skin feature in AC17 on a new job I'm starting. When I went to add a door I found that it won't go in there. I get the little arrows at the corners of the jambs, but when I click to install the door noth...

If only... (Tips & Tricks)

I thought it might help noobs & experienced users alike if there was a thread to share tips and tricks along the lines of "If only I had known this it could have saved me a lot of time!". It is not intended as a wish list or a debating ground for wor...

Designing a complex curved wall

Hi, I am a student and I am trying to make a wall and curve it afterwards. The wall should have a hole and vertical wooden stripes attached to it (with equal spacing between stripes). Please see the picture, I tried to explain it visually. LINK TO PI...

door and window reveal

I am trying to get a simple door and window reveal using ArchiCAD doors and windows right out of the library. The reveal is as shown in the image below. How can I set my doors and windows to get this reveal? This seems like it should be so easy but I...

window reveal.jpg

Slab cut fills and cut lines not showing in plan

Hi, I am having trouble getting slabs to show cut lines and cut fills in plan, for some reason they are showing uncut lines instead. All walls are showing cut lines and fills, but not slabs. I am working in Archicad 17, and the cutting plane is defin...

jake_h03 by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Rotating a componenet within an object

I would like to make a GDL Object using two Morphs. I would like to make one of the components rotate around an A-symmetrical point within the library part. I tried to figure it out using the GDL Guide but it was confusing and I am not sure where to ...

Windows don't show in plan view (v17)

I have two walls adjacent to each other, one with a rectangular hole, the other with a window. The hole shows in plan but the window doesn't. I can see the window in 3d. I have played around with all the parameters I can, and the floor plan cut plane...

Greg D by Participant
  • 2 replies

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