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How to trim/split multiple walls/lines?

There is one thing that I find an annoyance when using Archicad. During the creation of my building there were times when it became necessary to "trim" or "split" walls. The operations is simple to use but has a flaw in its operation. In my case I ha...

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Selecting Elements on multiple stories

I am currently a student and I am working with Archicad (Edu. license). I have also tried other architectural software as well as standard 3D MCAD products as well. Of the architectural software I have found AC to be the easiest to use and I even get...

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  • 7 replies

Poly2_B and Solid Fills

Weird one well tis to me. It seems that you can't use a Solid fill with Poly2_B as it doesn't show the fill but just the contour. Does this happen with the other Poly2_ commands? Below is an illustration showing what I get using Solid, Vectorial and ...

Help! Creating a wall with a stepped bottom along its length

Hello all, I'm a newbie to this site and also ArchiCAD 16, been using it for just over a week now! I've migrated from autocad so do have some CAD experience. I need to draw a wall which has multiple steps along the bottom of its length. I have read p...

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Poly2_ how to make a hole?

I'm trying to create a fill that has a hole but I'm getting a somewhat garbled result. I've had a look at the manual and the Cookbook but I can't see any advice on what sequence you should describe the polygon shape and in particular the hole. Can so...

Different wall paint

Hi, i'm working on my project, and i'm wondering if there is a way to paint selected wall above the roof (see attachment) in different color(texture) as the wall below. Wall above the roof should be same color(texture) as it is now, and wall below th...

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  • 2 replies

Window Header - Accuracy with Wall Skins

I must be missing something because no matter how hard I try - I cannot get ArchiCAD to produce an accurate header for the section through a composite walls with a window in it. See attached file I may have temporary brain lock, of course. Any though...

Window Header Section.jpg
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Walls not joining properly

I'm laying out a foundation with a complex profile foundation wall. The walls are not joining properly at the corners. The reno filter is not the problem, it's completely new construction. I've tried the intersect command and adjusting the layer prio...

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  • 3 replies

How to create one story building from many stories?

Hi, I have a multistory building which I'd like to change to a one story building. I need to change home story but the elemenst reposition themsevles and I need to manually keep track and check everything which will take me all day. Is there a smarte...

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