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False Ceiling

Hello every1 , I've just started learning archicad-15. I am an Interior Designer student from India. Usually here they use autocad which I find lil boring Anyways I wanna make false ceiling in archicad 15 but cant find it on youtube as well. Can anyo...

Hatey by Newcomer
  • 9 replies

Story Settings

How would I add a story at 73620 without effecting the story above?

blimp by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

why can't I add a story?

I am designing an addition to a home. Story 1 is Existing first floor subfloor set to 0". Story -1 is Existing Basement set to -9'. The floor of the addition ended up being three steps down at -1'9" so I added a story level at -1'9", which then becam...

temporary center of rotation for orbit tool

Is there a way (besides selecting an object) to temporarily set the center of rotation to a particular part of a project so it doesn't keep reverting back to the main center of rotation? I know we can select an object but as soon as an object is de-s...

Gus by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

text problem

hi to all i'am not good in english language.. sorry for this.. placing a number After mathematical symbols shown Contrary in archicad for example i write +7.8 in text box and then press Enter show the 7.8+ how solve this? tanks

Skylight in Plan

Is there a way to simplify the linework on these skylights in a floor plan?

blimp by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Need help

I have lost all my wall in 3D view. Walls are there in plans, elevations, sections, etc. just not in the 3D views. Have I accidentally set something to hide the walls?

roof and roof wizard

Hello. I built this roof using two single-plane roofs and then subtracted them with two slabs, which are hidden in the image. I would like to add the roof's wooden structure using the roof wizard, but when I do it, it does not recognize any subtracti...

igreere by Newcomer
  • 10 replies

Inconsistencies in sliding doors

I would like to have some common features in the sliding doors settings. For example, I would like the option to add a Threshold to the Pocket Door also. The rail option that is available to the Pocket Door should be available to the Sliding door als...

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