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Mystery embedded objects

I'm having problems deleting objects from the embedded library. The Library Manager shows that it has 2 libraries embedded that are associated with 2 Hotlink files (see screen shot #1), but when they are clicked on, the 'delete' (red X) button is gre...

Aligning 3D textures on Complex Profile Beam

I created a complex profile for the raked gable end of a roof and assigned a roof shingle texture to one of the components that make the profile. I placed a beam using the complex profile and all is well except I am unable to align the 3D texture. If...

Custom Window in Archicad 15

hey guys, i am trying to make this custom window below by profile manager, but i can't make it! please heelp! thanks in advance

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can't select walls, windows, doors once placed

I can't select walls, windows, doors and other objects once I've placed them in the plan. This obviously makes it quite difficult and frustrating to maneuver things into place or edit anything. I'm using ArchiCAD 16, have been for a few months now, a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Hotlink Surfaces

I have walls linked to a larger model with composites for the materials/surfaces. I cannot get the correct material to show in the master model as they are in the hotlink. The siding material will not show and it is greyed out. What am I missing here...

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.36.48 PM.png
drh64 by Participant
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Work Environments -AC17

Am about to open AC17. If I import work environments from AC 16 (toolbars especially) will I have the AC 17 menus. I recall from previous updates that work environments have to be recreated each version. Has this ever been resolved? Thanks tom

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