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Loren Green
I have a project that works fine and then for no apparent reason the next day the walls blow past each other and out to the edge of the roof sides and top. Does anyone know what is causing this? It has happened on multiple computers.
Nothing can be selected reliably in 3d. The floor plans look right. The elevations and sections are terrible.
AC 22-23
Windows 10

Barry Kelly
I would check if the video drivers are up to date.
Also check you have the latest update for Archicad.

What is your video card?
Same one on all machines?


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Loren Green
It is the same on 3 different computers.
It is the same before the latest update of SOLO 20 and after.
It is not just the 3d view. The elevations and sections are messed up also.
When I try to place or move anything it just shows a couple clouds and won't let me do anything.
AC 22-23
Windows 10

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Is the model very far from the Project Origin by any chance? When the model is located very far from the Project Origin, that can cause strange behaviour because of reduced accuracy at far from from the Origin.
Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
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Loren Green
It is within 30' of the origin.
AC 22-23
Windows 10

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