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cover fill foreground in objects


hey guys 

so the issue that i'd like to fix is the cover fill thats assigned to the surfaces that i use. one of the surfaces is normal ceramic tiles, ive been using it for splashback tiles in bathroom and so on, and on elevation i want it to be assigned from a specific corner so i just use the align 3d texture and it usually works. 

im using AC25 and i wanted to apply the same surface to a base cabinet splashback, and since the surface now is applied to an object surface, i cant get the hatch to be aligned from a specific point. is there any fix to this ? 

please find attached example. 


the second image is the problem that id like to fix if possible, would let me use the base cabinet for instead of adding another wall for backsplash finish. 


Barry Kelly

This can only be done if the object is scripted to allow you to alter the position of the surface material origin.

Which I doubt is the case with the default Graphisoft cabinets.


Generally when it comes to tiling, I try to show them with a 30% or 50% hatch or a dotted hatch, so I don't show the actual tiles.

If I do have to show the exact tile locations, then I will use a separate tile object or a grid hatch in elevation that I can control the tile positions.

I am not sure if there is a tiling object in the default library, I didn't see one when I just had a quick look, but I am not familiar with the default library as I don't use it.


And besides, with each separate cabinet, you would have to control the tile position.

Maybe a grid fill is the way to go - then you have exact control.

One fill for the entire splash-back (unless you can fins a wall tile object).



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thanks mate, 

exactly, thats what ive been doing, using a wall to represent tiles and then allocate the starting corner.

unfortunately our office want to indicate exactly for the tiler to where he should start tiling from, thats why i changed to tiling hatch. i normally use just dots or indicative hatching. 

thank you for the explanation (Y) 

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