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custom font for the 'Text 3D 19'

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Is there a way I can use a custom font for the 'Text 3D 19'
it has a whole list of preset fonts but im wanting to use the one that is for a company logo and for that i need to use a particular font
I tried typing in the particular font name in that is installed on my windows fonts folder but archicad doesnt search for it or work that way it seems
any work-arounds?

aside from writing it on a slab and making a whole bunch of slabs by tracing out each letter?

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actually i have now come across another problem while trying to do a workaround, i am using in plan view a font which has displayed correctly in previous versions of archicad fine before

But now the font doesnt display properly at all only when im editing it
when im out of the editing mode you can see the text font displays in-correctly, is this an archicad 19 thing, a windows 10 thing or something else?

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Sounds like the font is not installed correctly or incomplete or corrupt.
Have you restarted the computer since installing?

Barry Kelly
Any font name you see in square brackets (i.e. [font]) means that it is not installed on your computer.
Archicad knows it should be that font but as it can't find it then it will be substituted with Arial.


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that is interesting because it was already installed from when it was windows 7
i went to add it but it was already in there
it wouldnt be able to display the font in preview if it wasnt installed either
might have to reinstall them all again

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