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custom panel used as a sidelight

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I'm trying to use D1 Combi Commercial Door 12 to have a door with sidelights because the object has the ability to turn the sidelights on on off. THe sidelights they have puts an extra frame in. I tried to turn the sidelight frame width to be 1/64" thick but then I don't get a bottom frame at the sidelight which I need. I've tried to make a custom panel for the sidelight by making a slab for the frame at the bottom, a slab for the glass and a slab for the wallhole but it's not working. It works fine in 3D and in section but I don't see the glass in plan. I choose the slabs I made then save as custom component and then as a custom door panel, right?? I put the glass where I want it when I made the slabs for some reason the glass doesn't show in plan. Is this a bug?
Thanks for any help.


This thread might offer some insight, I don't think custom panels show in the 2D Symbol:
Custom glass door panel plan symbol?

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Does that make any sense what so ever?? Why have a custom option then? Dumb


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