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how do I open multiple GDL objects? The file manager window that opens on "open object" does not let me select more than one file.. why? I dont have time to put all the objects I work with in 2D space, because I can open all of them there if they are selected.
Besides, in AC13 there are internal object, so with each object open I have to select "browse files" in the first window.. It really slows me down when I am editing 200 objects on finalizing a library..

thanks for advice



To open more than one object, place them in plan, select them, then use the Open Object... command, you will get a dialog box asking if you want to open the objects. I have a .pln file with all the objects in a library placed in plan, so selecting and opening a group of objects for editing is simple.

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In the Special menu there is a command
to place all the objects of all the active
libraries into the floor plan.

It is a very handy way to check the 2D / 3D behaviour
and errors at once too.

To activate the Special menu check this forum or
Archicad wiki.

Regards, Juha

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