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flipping awning and fixed portions of window

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I have a fixed window with an awning from the AC 17 library, is there a way to flip the fixed light and the awning? it has the awning on the top portion of the window and the fixed in the lower, i need it the other way round and can't seem to figure out how to do it. as far as i can see there are no objects like this in the library.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.09.41 PM.png

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As far as I know the standard window library can do it for you (see attached image), other window types can be even more versatile if you try with the setting

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Thanks Giang, i'm using AC17 with the 17 library, but i don;t have a "basic window" folder in my library. in fact, my library is slightly different than yours. i just don't have the options you show. i'm also on a Mac, but that shouldn't make a difference. you shoe all the options that i would expect, but i don't have them. i think i'm going to make a call.
thanks Giang

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looks like there are two libraries, international and north america. and for some reason the north american library has been dumbed down.

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Have a check in the model view options mate!
There is (in the Aus version of the lib) a section called Options For GDL Objects.
In the bottom right corner just above the Cancel & OK buttons is
Line Orientations (in the Show Opening Lines in 3D projections)
Just check that isn't set to the Hinges option.

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thanks, but that isn't the issue. in canada we use the hinge location as it's set-up now. what i need is to be able to put the whole awning portion on the top of the window. according to Graphisoft, this option is only available in the international lib.

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Ahhhh sorry mate!
I completely misread that!!

Do you have the Variable Window 17 at all?


Try a search via the Window Settings, the Window 17 should show up.

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