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grid tool and section view causes Archicad crashes

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I have discovered a scenario that causes archicad to crash. This apparently is related to the grid tool and the lock status of what layer the grid is on when opening a section or elevation drawing. I have not determined if it is dependent on whether the girds have been modified in the floor plan, but assume it might be. I had section views that would crash archicad every-time I tried to open them. I discovered that the crashing was related to the layer combination that the view referenced. Eventually I discovered that the layer that the grid tool was placed on was locked in the layer combinations that caused the crash. As much as we might want to lock grids such that they are not inadvertently moved or deleted, beware that this can cause Archicad to crash.


sometimes even unlocking does not help more here:

Paul King
I found there is simply no workaround - you have to switch off or explode or otherwise remove the grid tool objects from any elevations or sections - not nice
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