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half landing stairs with winders

i'm having trouble creating a half landing with 6 winders in lieu of the landing. I can get it to make 8 winders but i only want 6 and even when i type into the options 6 winders it doesn't want to do it. Just to clarifiy a bit more the staircase would be a U shape but i want to change the landing into 6 winders with a 70mm gap down the midden for framing.

What am i missing here?

Stairs are going up 3324mm


Barry Kelly
These are the settings I would use.
Use the pet palette as you go.
First 2 points use the 'flight' option and specify a distance that is a multiple of your tread length.
The next point is a 'winder' at the distance of your flight width.
The back of the landing is another 'winder' point equal to 2 x flight widt + gap (70mm).
Then another 'winder' point using flight width as distance again.
And finally the last point is back to 'flight'.

It may not be exactly what you want.
If you don't want all of the winders coming from the one point and want to space them out more evenly, then add half of your gap width to the landing depth.


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Not applicable
Slightly off topic, but in my opinion winders should not be used as they are significantly more dangerous than regular stairs and landings

i'll give you the clients number and you can explain that to them

Barry, Thanks so much for the help, you're a genius. That worked a treat. Thanks so much for the effort you put into your reply too.

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