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help to Surface paint to one part of solid element operation

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I have a wall and a ramp. I have subtracted the wall with ramp by solid operation.
Now I have two part in the wall
one is upper of ramp and another is lower of ramp
Now I want to paint the wall red below ramp and green up of ramp
When I want to surface paint, it select both upper and lower part. How can I do this to paint different?
Is it possible? Plz help

Barry Kelly
If it is just one wall and you have just 'Subtracted' the ramp from the wall, there is not much you can do - as it is all one wall still.

However if you duplicate the wall and 'Subtract with upward extrusion' for one wall and 'Subtract with downward extrusion' for the other wall, you will now have 2 walls that you can change the surface of separately.


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Thanks for your reply. I also thought so. But looking for if there are any other ways. Thanx

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