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hotlink for apartment in mountain


In the case of apartments, the level of each apartment building is different.
So for story processing, you have to work for each dong.
And you have to separate the underground parking lot, which is the entire plan.
But in xref, there is a command called overlay.
If you call the underground parking lot in each building and set the overlay, the pln for each building is stored in the underground parking lot file.
Just import it and make it into a full drawing.
But what I'm facing is no overlay function
Create a pln file for modeling for each building
Create a pln for underground parking lot modeling
Create a pln for each building for drawing, and use the hotlink to create a pln for each building and a pln for modeling an underground parking lot.
call in and work
All you have to do is create an underground parking lot pln for drawings and import all the pln for modeling for each building and for modeling the underground parking lot.
I think.

How are you doing in practice?
1. It can't be done as a layer ^^
2. In the case of skip nested Modules, there was a problem that all modules of each generation were omitted.
3. Allowing for nesting
Since there are 7 buildings, 8 underground parking lots overlap.
Something seems to be wrong. ^^

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

Rajesh Patil

There are simple and manageable possibilities to work for such site layouts. It would be easier to understand your current need if you share some screenshots, on the basis of the same I will try to suggest something suitable.

Rajesh Patil
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