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how to find instances of missing of objects?

How can I find the instances of missing objects?
I mean, in the library manager Archicad tells me that there are, for example, 2 instances of the missing object called, for example, myobject.gsm

How can I find it in the project?
I did the research with find&select searching by name but I didn't find ...
also in the schedules I cannot find the missing object ...
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Barry Kelly
You can use Find & Select but there should be no need as the missing object should appear as a large dot the same colour as you pen number 1.

However to see the dot (or use F & S) you need to turn all layers on.
Then look at each of the storeys in turn.
If not there then look at each sect, elevation, detail, worksheet.
And if it is still not there then have a look on each layout page in case an object has been placed directly on a layout.

A schedule could be created to find a missing object but that only works if it is in a plan view - no good for sections, elevations, etc., because schedules don't look there.


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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

I did all you mentioned.

The problem is that I started editing a stair and it was part of multiple instanced stair, so I click on "edit only this" but I didn't complete the procedure by clicking cancel instead of OK ... So I think archicad created the new stair with the name I gave it and placed in the database of the project but actually archicad didn't save the part in the library ... even if archicad tells me that the missing part is in the embedded library ...

I cannot find this stair in my project ...
AC 19 and AC21 latest hotfix
Win 10 Pro 64bit
Double XEON 14 CORES (tot 28 physical cores)
32GB RAM - SSD 256GB - Nvidia Quadro K620
Display DELL 25'' 2560x1440

Gerald D Lock
I've had the same issue with stair objects that alemanda has, and have attempted both F&S and IS methods to locate them. They are not placed and therefore simply don't exist!!

Is there a way to purge the database of these un-placed (?) objects?

It does highlight a short-coming of Interactive Schedules - ALL elements in ALL windows should be accessible. If I place a GDL object in a detail window or in a section window, if the object subsequently goes missing and/or is no-longer required and needs to be deleted, it should be easier to find than having to trawl through every. single. window...
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Marcus Trimble
Hello - did you find a solution to this?
We are having the same issue, with a phantom stair, that is 'missing' but not placed anywhere.
ArchiCAD 19 (6006)
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If you can't find our missing object using Barry's method, it could be due to Renovation Filters. Model parts can be made to appear in particular Renovation Filter ONLY. Therefore even having Show All Elements filter may not show it.

My method with this and finding other hard to spot errors is to isolate parts of the project and see when issue goes away.

In your case, I would make a COPY file and start deleting views, storeys, worksheets, details, reno filters etc until the missing library part no longer exists. Last view you delete before it goes away is likely to contain the missing object.

Not a perfect method but definitely worthwhile if the issue is bothering you or if it's the template file that has the missing part.
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Stress Co_
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