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how to get TEXT I/O add-on filename with DIALOG

Hi all!

Does anyone know a way to get the file name the user selected with the "TEXT" I/O add-on in v16?
I would like to display the name of the file in 2D.

I wrote in the master script:
polych = OPEN("TEXT", polyfile, "SEPARATOR=',', MODE=RO, DIALOG")
polyfile is a string parameter.

It only gives a dialog window when polyfile has changed. After that polyfile doesn't contain the path the user selected.

Is it a bug?

Long time ago I tried it...but gave up... this plug works when the path and the name is typed in (partly, because sometimes even if typed in it refuses to load/save to a different file than the one first selected).

Someone should write the plug again (Please GS) from scratch so this functionality worked (that's why eg. Cadimage did for themselves as they use a lot of ways of saving things in their objects).

Best Regards,

Erwin Edel
You just want a block of text to show the filename? There is autotext string for that.

You should be able to just input that into either text you place on plan or a textblock in GDL. The string is <FILENAME>
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

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