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metal windows with different sizes

I'm having a really tough time trying to find a standard window in ArchiCAD where I can change the size of the window so that one unit is smaller or bigger than the other.
Which specific window object do you use and where do you go to change the width size so that they look like what I'm showing in the 2 photos? These are two different window types. I am only concerned about the vertical mullions, not the horizontal mullions.
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Barry Kelly
If you can't do this with standard objects (I would not be surprised if you can't - but I don't use the standard GS library), then you will need to look at 3rd party windows.
The problem with that is your signature shows version 19, so you may not be able to find 3rd party addons now for that version and usually these addons will cost $$.

You will probably be better of just creating a custom window yourself (unless you need many different windows).


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If it is just the verticals, you could use the Horizontal Multi-Sash Window with asymmetric panes if you need a continuous variable stretch of windows, available in INT and AUS. Do not think it was available in US given their timber / metal window breakdown...

The asymmetric option is also available on many of the other Basic Windows in INT and AUS.

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You can use the "ganging checkbox" with two different width windows.
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thank you for your responses. I figured out another way, it is not ideal, but it works for now. I used the "storefront window". Under All Parameter>Panels> change the panel number here.
Then in the floor plan, I get this purple dot that shows up between each mullion, I simply drag the mullion to the desired sizes I want. It's not ideal, but it works for now.
ArchiCAD 18- 24
(expert in AutoCAD, novice in ArchiCAD)
Using ArchiCAD since Feb 2017 mostly for 2D, starting to learn 3D.

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