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problems with Materials

After I have added Bim objects to the library and my sections turn out weird: I get the material where it shouldn't be. I have tried to modify the slab materials again but it doesn't change. The only solution s to eliminate the BIM object from the library. Is there a way around it, as I need the new library of materials in the BIM.

As you can see from the file, the section now is totally "marbled"....


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Barry Kelly
It isn't the surface material of the slab you need to change it is the building material.
Check the building material and I think you will find you are using marble.

If you want a uniform cut material rather than the element's own material then you can go into the 'Filter and Cut Elements in 3D' (CTRL+ALT+A on Windows) and you can set a custom cut surface.


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Thanks but the marble that appears in the pic isn't used in this project at all. It appeared after I installed the BIM object, now I have deleted it from the library and it is back to normal, so there was definitely something weird with the BIM Object.
AC23 • WIN 10 • Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz• 32G RAM• NVidia GForce GTX 1080

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Hi paopao,

is this BIM object related to objects or API? If yes which one?

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