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roof creating multiple views in 2D

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i'm a new user and am just about finished modeling a small house. The roof is a poly roof created with the roof wizard. I would like to have a layout showing a top view of the roof 'filled' (looking like a tile roof) and another one showing the substructure of the roof.

When I look in the 2D view what I see is the truss outline of the roof, showing the substructure of the roof. If I select the roof and go into the roof settings tool and select Cover Fills for example, the substructure is still being displayed. I cannot seem to get it to display as 'tile' even though I have the Cover Fills selected and the cover fill = roof tile 01.

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In plan, select all RoofMaker objects, go to Edit->
Display Order->Send to back.
Make sure fill background pen for roof fill is not transparent.
Peter Devlin

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Thanks for the help. I also found that I could accomplish the same thing by viewing Story 1 (which would show me a 2D shot of the roof tiles), where Story 0 would show me the truss structure.

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