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sloping slab

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Can a sloping slab or a ramp be created by using the SLAB TOOL?
Using the custom edge option doesn't work for me in this case.
I understood that I could use roof or mesh tool, but in this case I wouldn't have wanted layers of the usual slab shown in a e.g. section.

Thank you!

Well, you can't slope a slab, since – you know – it's a slab 😕

There was a wishlist item to unify both roof and slab, or to bring the the possibility of a slope to the slab.

I don't quite understand which troubles you're facing when using a roof?
If you need a ramp you could also use the stair tool, but using it with the beam only.
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What you could do is make a composite for slabs and roofs.
And then use the composite for a single plane roof.

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Or another option would be using the shell tool.

Not clear what the problem is in the OP, is it a ramp creation or presentation issue ?
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Hi all,

If you where to design a underground parking garage, say 170x34 meter and wanted the slab and the deck over to be inclined by say 1% in the length direction, how would you do that and ensure that all colums, beams and gable walls where to be drawn vertical? Looking at the model from the side it would be domino shaped, is it possible?

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