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unknown object far from origin

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Hi everyone, i have a problem in archicad 23

in my design there seems to be an unknown object really far from the origin. I don't know what it is and where to find it to delete. I tried to read articles with the specific topic but cannot find a solution. Could you give me some tips to figure it out ?

could it be a fill handle ? sometimes they are placed far away
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RandyC wrote:
could it be a fill handle ? sometimes they are placed far away
Thank you for your response. It doesn't seem to be a fill handle, when i zoom out a lot a pattern of black dots in a straight line start to appear but i cant select or delete them. Isn't there a general way that i can fix it ??

Barry Kelly
If you zoom out so you can see these dots, and then select all (CTRL+A), do they select?
If so then by un-selecting the area of your model with the marquee (not including these dots), do they remain selected.

If so, zoom to selection and see if you can determine what they are, or look at element information.
If they deselect as well, then they may be the fill handles as suggested before.

Also try turning on only one layer at a time to see if that helps determine what is causing them.


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