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walls not intersection properly with slab

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I had a wall liked to a floor, but I can see the upper face of the wall in the slab above ( in the linked floor).

Can you show a screenshot of the problem?

As little rule: slabs and walls with autmatically clean up intersections based on building material priority. So for example structural concrete (which would logically have a high priority) would pass through gypsum panel (lower priority).

Window and Door openings touching slabs allow for layers of building material (in composite/complex profile) set to 'finish' to pass through.

For example: you have a brick wall touching a concrete floor with a cement floor finish. The brick has higher priority than the cement, but lower than concrete. So the wall will correctly pass through the cement but not concrete. Now if the cement is set to 'finish' and you place a door in the wall that touches the slab, the cement will pas through where the door opening is.

This also works with ceiling finishes, however it also results in some strange connections if the door passes through the floor entirely (spans multiple stories).

All of this stops working if the slab and wall are on layers with different intersection group numbers.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

ArchiCAD 9-24 NED FULL
Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

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