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wonky / rotated elevations in layouts

Gerard Leonor
this is a rare occurrence.
the elevation placed in a layout is rotated in some random angle.
this is not the first time it has happened. i believe this occurred in my 2 previous offices, in 2 different projects. one of them was an external elevation, the other was all 4 internal elevation views.

i never found a fix for them, apart from deleting the erratic elevation/internal elevation marker, make a new marker & re-doing all annotation work.

to anticipate this, i thought of placing the drawings in the layouts early on, prior to any documentation work, but there was a case where upon updating the internal elevation drawings, with much documentation work already in them, the placed drawing turned wonky & the drawing itself rotated. fortunately i've was able to copy much of the 2D stuff from each of the old views into the newly created ones. only then, with the newly created view did it fix the issue.

i thought this was an issue about not having the model be orthogonal to the origin point (making the markers be non-orthogonal).

just like my "infinite falling 3D view" bug, this is another one of those bugs that can sometimes rear it's ugly head from older versions of AC.
AC22 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

Barry Kelly
Seems you have asked this before.
A simple search found this.

There a re a few posts on this topic.

Have you got the latest version of Archicad installed?
Have you tried the 'Open & Repair' option when opening the file?


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Gerard Leonor
thanks, i was looking for that...except, this time i searched using the words "Wonky Elevation Drawing" -- my bad.
AC22 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

Next time don't search using words 'dodgy elevations'. But being serious - to use less slang in searching technical information can dramatically improve the search results.

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