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Zone Content

I can't seem to change the content of the text in zone settings. I have to add the content before hand and have to redo if I need to change for instance a spelling mistake of the room name. Please help. Thank you.

Johanni by Participant
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Issue with - Survey point - Location Setting

Hi, I'm trying to understand how is working Survey point and why i'm getting wrong coordination after what i set with right numbers. I started with 0,0,0, and I set from coordination what I get and I wrote down the numbers with (-) Because this proje...

Skärmavbild 2023-02-08 kl. 11.13.04.jpg Skärmavbild 2023-02-08 kl. 11.13.16.jpg

Recover after "don't save"

Hello there. Please is there any option to recover autosave file if I quitted the ArchiCAD correct way but accidentally I pressed "Do not save". In autosave folder, there is no .fdb file (I assume .fdb file is deleted when AC is shut down propertly)....

Resolved! Strange Zone settings

Im having a strange issue with placing zones. When I place a basic generic zone it comes attached with a label that I am required to delete each time. Im just wondering how I have managed to do this and how to turn of this label appearing attached to...


Resolved! Change everything to new renovation state

Hi Is there a way to select everything in the project and change all elements together to a new renovation status? At the moment I select everything but only certain elements actualy change status. I have to keep selecting and changing. Is there not ...


I need help. This is the second time that am encountering this while designing. Once am designing and when i get to using windows tools a tiny dot will appear in the background and i can't be able to use other tools properly and i can't continue with...


Property manager - expression for composite

Hello , I am trying to write an expression to get materials informations : if composite structure true split composite , get thickness, volume and area for each composite if composite structure false : building material , get thickness, volume and ar...

sma2bim by Booster
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Modelling my hand-drawn University Project in Archicad

I recently came across a project from my first year as an architecture student, and since the paper model I had is long gone, I thought of modelling it with Archicad so as to keep record of it for my ...


Archicad Design Checker

Design Checker is a new Archicad functionality that offers easy-to-use model checking capabilities for users to capture errors as they design, right inside Archicad. It utilizes a cloud service called...


Create a Copy When Stretching Circles

User interactions should behave consistently and with expected results The behavior of the radial stretch command for curved elements was inconsistent, leaving a gap in the user’s workflow when workin...