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ARCHICAD Add-on New Project Wizard make only empty folder

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I am using Visualstudio 2015 and Archicad 21.
After installing VisualStudio 2015, APIDevKit 21: 3005 was installed.
I clicked New Project and created project for add-on by using Archicad Add-on Template Wizard, but resource and source files were not shown and only empty folder was created. I wonder what causes and solutions are.
No dialog box appeared.
The sequential wizard does not show up and ends with confirmation.

Ralph Wessel
I haven't used the wizard for a very long time, so can't help with that problem specifically. However, you could work around it by using one of the example projects as a starting point.
Ralph Wessel BArch

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Oh, is not it? If so, I think you can create your own API with the source files in Programing files / Graphisoft / API Development Kit 21 / Support without a wizard. Where can I find the guide manual?
And do you have a detailed description of how the example files mentioned work?

Ralph Wessel
Technically, you can out a new project anywhere you like provided you set the correct paths for the API headers and libraries. The easiest way to start would be to duplicate one of the example projects into the same directory (so the existing paths remain valid).

Start by opening one of the example projects to see if you can build and run it. If that works, duplicate the project, rename it and start building your own project. I'd recommend moving it out of the API directory as soon as possible to allow the API to be easily updated (and because the default directory isn't a good path for working documents).

Just update the header paths (C/C++ > General > Additional Include Directories) and library paths (Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies) for a start. There will be a few others, e.g. the path to the resource converter. Use relative paths to make it more portable.
Ralph Wessel BArch

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