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Addon to change all views renovation filter to current renovation filter

Jay Chung
Hi All,

I'm very new to coding and want to create a very simple addon to change all view renovation filter ID to current renovation filter ID.

I'm trying to follow the documention provided but am finding it quite dense!

If someone could have a look and give my any pointers that would be great.
API_NavigatorItem navItem;

BNZeroMemory(&navItem, sizeof(API_NavigatorItem));

navItem.mapId = API_PublicViewMap;    //for performance

if (ACAPI_Navigator(APINavigator_GetNavigatorItemID, guid, &navItem) == NoError)
	API_NavigatorView navView;
	BNZeroMemory(&navView, sizeof(API_NavigatorView));
	if (ACAPI_Navigator(APINavigator_GetNavigatorViewID, &navItem, &navView) == NoError) {
		if (navView.layerStats != nullptr)
			BMhKill((GSHandle*) &(navView.layerStats));
		if (navView.modelViewOpt != nullptr)
			BMKillPtr((GSPtr*) &(navView.modelViewOpt));
		if (navView.dimPrefs != nullptr)
			BMKillPtr((GSPtr*) &(navView.dimPrefs));

		err = ACAPI_Attribute_GetNum(API_RenovationFilterID, &attributeCount);
		if (err == NoError) {
			BNZeroMemory(&attribute, sizeof(API_Attribute));
			attribute.header.typeID = API_RenovationFilterID;
			for (i = attributeCount; i > 0; --i) {
				attribute.header.index = i;
				err = ACAPI_Attribute_Get(&attribute);
				if (err == NoError) {
					CHTruncate(, navView.renovationFilterGuid, sizeof(navView.renovationFilterGuid));

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