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ArchiCAD v8.x & JVM

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Can anyone confirm if Graphisoft is providing an alternative to MSJVM being used for its Version 8.x family of products?

Since MS are no longer offering MSJVM and customers are being encouraged to move to an alternate versions of JVM such as SUN's, this is a very important question to ArchiCAD users. MS will no longer be supporting MSJVM after Dec 2007. ArchiCAD v9 is being shipped with the Sun version of JVM so this is not a problem to ArchiCAD 9 users. However due to increasing security concerns about MSJVM and the release of the MSJVM removal tool I need to know if ArchiCAD v8.x will:

a) work on Sun's JVM version (as does ArchiCAD v9) after MSJVM is removed by Microsoft's MSJVM removal tool?
b) still be supported by Graphisoft using the Sun JVM instead of the MSJVM version?

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