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Dialog Documentation


Hi, I am totally new in the development of Addons for Archicad

Can someone PLEASE tell me WHERE i can find definitions and usage of the dialogs ?




Hi forumites. I am new to the forum, and kind of unaware of the dialogs as well. Please help me understand that as well. I have been looking forward t getting proper explanations to every bit of the dialogs but could not find any reliable source. Any Suggestion? Thank you already 😐



There's more documentation in the offline help (if you choose the option in the DevKit installer). Check out this LOCAL path (adapt the path for other AC versions or if you've installed the dev kit to a differnet place.):

C:/Program Files/Graphisoft/API Development Kit 25.3002/Documentation/HTML/DialogManager/DialogManager.html


Also really helpful are the examples. Especially the DG_Test example.

Please be aware that there are 2 "styles" of handling Dialogs and their Items. I cite myself from a different answer to clarify further:

The "older" C style (which is decently documented in the offline documentation.). This style uses Handlers and you need to register them. As a contrast there's the "newer" C++ style which is less documented unfortunately. Here you create Classes/Objects for your Dialogs, Items etc. Instead of Handlers you work more with Event Observers. It's a rough distinction but I hope it helps anyway.

Hope this helps you get started!


Bernd Schwarzenbacher
Archicad Add-On Developer
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