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Drawing update when Archicad is not in visible foreground


I have an add-on in which I'm using the DXF/DWG add-on to export drawings. What I'm currently having issues with, is making sure the drawings are fully updated before they are being exported. When I export a drawing, my procedure is to change the database and window to the drawing I need to export and finally I zoom to fit in order to make sure the whole drawing is being updated (APIDb_ChangeCurrentDatabaseID, APIDo_ChangeWindowID, APIDo_ZoomID). This all works really well.

However, when I minimize Archicad or bring another window in front of Archicad, while exporting drawings, many of them will not update and this results in missing content in the exported drawings.

Do people have any experience with forcing a complete drawing update when the Archicad window is not visible? I'm also currently experimenting with "WinUser.h" in order to force the Archicad window in front, before each drawing export, but haven't been succesful yet.

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