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FWD migration of zone stamp with the same version of ArchiCad

Hi all,
I'm working on a new version of zone stamp. The new version has new Main ID, almost every singular parameter has been changed to array. But the previous version and the new version are both ArchiCad 24.

In the GDL Ref. Guide, it states clearly that "The FWM script is executed when a project saved in an earlier version of ARCHICAD is opened in a later version...". So, that means that the FWD migration script won't run because both the previous and the new one of my zone stamp are on AC24. Am I understand it correctly?

If so, is there a work-around for this, to force the migration script to run? Or I'll have to wait until AC25 is released?

Thank you in advance.
Archicad 26, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
If this is so, then I have an idea of how you can circumvent it:
Place the Zone Library Part in the Embedded Library, and then save the Project File as AC23 PLN. Library Parts in the Embedded Library are converted back to the previous version as well.
Then, the Forward Migration Script will surely run because it is indeed an AC23 Library Part.

Let me know if this does the trick.
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Thank you very much, Laszlo, for your idea. I've just tested it, with no success though. Here are what I did ;
  • Open Library Manager > Embed placed objects of selected library > Enable the "Also embed textures, zone stamps,..."
  • Save as 23 project(.pln) > Enable the "Convert library objects backward"
  • Close the current 24 project file
  • Open the 23 file with AC24 > Select "Migrate ARCHICAD libraries"
  • Open Library Manager > Open the Embedded Library
And...this is where I stucked. Simply deleting and adding a new version of the zone stamp into Embedded Library doesn't work (and shouldn't work). Adding a new Linked Library contain the new version of zone stamp ended up with dupplicated warning and the placed zone stamps are still on the old version, which is also make sense 'caluse it's still in the Embedded Library.

Maybe it's just a lesson learnt. "Don't change anything mid version."
Archicad 26, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.

Barry Kelly
The forward migration script does work in the same version - I do it all of the time.
The trick I find is that the original object has t be deleted from the library.
If Archicad sees the original object, there will be no migration.
When it is not there, it looks at the migration scripts in all of the objects in the loaded library, and when it finds one that references the GUID of the missing object, it will substitute it, using the forward migration script you have set up in it (i.e. swapping and setting default parameter values).


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Yes! Thank you so much, Barry. It does work!

I just created a quick simple zone stamp with similar FWD migration script structure (with only one parameter changed in array), and ... it work beautifully. So that means it's just me that did something silly without knowing it again. Time to find out now.

Again, thank you very much.
Archicad 26, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.

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