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Getting view offset from PMK file

Andrey Shulyak
Hi all,

I would like to ask your help to understand the question of how to link a drawing view with a model, if the view is set through the PMK file.
I check linkTypeID:
if ( drawingLinkInfo-> linkTypeID == API_DrawingLink_PMKID)
if (drawingLinkInfo->viewType == API_ViewNodeStory)

here I am using drawing.offset as offset and also

In the usual case (if the view is set directly in the model, I use getting the View through the navigator)
and get offset also from view. But it doesn't work with PMK files.
if (ACAPI_Navigator (APINavigator_GetNavigatorItemID, & drawingLinkInfo-> linkGuid, & item)

Please tell me how can I get the linking matrix to the model from the PMK file?

Thank you!

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