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New Python utility Function


The Present Python API is quite limited in its Data Access capacity. And there have been many requests for improved functionality, I made up a AddOn to add additional capabilities via the Execute Command Handler. The Handler just adds on to Tibor's previous fine examples.


Added functions are:

Getelem - returns the Guid of the selected element

GetParams - returns all of the AutoText properties available for a element type. - writes to the session report

GetValue - returns any AutoText value available for a element -- Same as AutoText Label

GetProjInfo -returns the list of keys and values for the project information - writes to the report writer.

GetPoint - returns the x & y coordinates of a clicked point - available for element placement

GetSelected - returns the Guid for all elements selected in order of their selection


EDIT: now returns Array of -- [Guid, LayerName, Floor name, Element ID] in order to identify returned elements


SetProjInfo - sets a new value into any Project info property

GetProjvalue - gets the value of a project info property.


EDIT: added function "GetValuefromGuid": Input -- Guid & AutoText Property Name -- Returns Value

Third Release on GitHub.


Hopefully this will provide access for most of requests made here. If you  have an needed function/capability leave it in the comments and I'll see if it is feasible to add on.

I hope that Graphisoft will shortly incorporate all this capability natively into Python without the use of a AddOn.

If you agree that Python should be promptly expanded , you can send a message to Graphisoft by clinking on like on this post??


The video which demos this utility is posted on YouTube:


New Python Utility Functions 


The AddOn apx file is posted on the GitHub site listed in the Video description


i would be interested to hear of any applications which are freed up with the additional commands. And a note on performance. I doubt that Python will be very fast, but manual operations should not be a problem.


Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 26


Realy great work!

Do these AddOns "based on the Execute Command Handler" work only in AC25 or also in AC24 ?

I have not tested them, but Probably not. They were compiled with the 25 version of the API development kit and generally are not backward compatible.


Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 26

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