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Opening Symbol as Label


I tried to script a label that reads the geometry of an "Opening" and places a symbol.....

-> the opening Tool/Symbol is hidden when the host is hidden ... i often hide slabs in floor-plans, but like to keep the opening symbol

-> the opening tool has no symbolic view in sections

-> i have to label openings anyway to show dimensions


a small proof of concept can be viewed here:

does anyone understand the OPENING_SYMBOL_GEOMETRY command?

is anyone interested?



Mac OSX - up to date

Archicad 6 to 25

The opening symbols should work with label functionality - so be able to show independently to the host element [PERIOD]

I had similar idea - but did not dig deeper...minding that the label can be moved...and there is no 100% way to avoid that...



i thought wtih these I could stop it from moving...cant't find the right combination right now...


text2 0,0,"LABEL_POSITION[1][1]=X"
text2 10,0, LABEL_POSITION[1][1]

text2 0,-1,"LABEL_POSITION[1][2]=Y"
text2 10,-1, LABEL_POSITION[1][2]

text2 0,-2,"LABEL_POSITION[2][1]"
text2 10,-2, LABEL_POSITION[2][1]

text2 0,-3,"LABEL_POSITION[2][2]"
text2 10,-3, LABEL_POSITION[2][2]

text2 0,-4,"LABEL_POSITION[3][1]"
text2 10,-4, LABEL_POSITION[3][1]

text2 0,-5,"LABEL_POSITION[3][2]"
text2 10,-5, LABEL_POSITION[3][2]

text2 0,-6,"SYMB_POS_X"
text2 10,-6, SYMB_POS_X
text2 0,-7,"SYMB_POS_Y"
text2 10,-7, SYMB_POS_Y

Mac OSX - up to date

Archicad 6 to 25

Peter Baksa



This is how OPENING_SYMBOL_GEOMETRY works:, but it is not set for labels.


You can only stop a label from moving if its pointer is turned off. Otherwise the drawing will be moved so it's bounding box will be touching the start of pointer according to settings. When it's turned off, the origin is fixed at the start of the invisible pointer. The pointer can't be disabled from GDL.


Péter Baksa
Software Engineer, Library as a Platform
Graphisoft SE, Budapest


Hi @Peter Baksa ,

thanx for the answer!


at Graphisoft have you thought about dividing the symbol/ducumentation from the Opening itself?

It would be so helpful to show opening symbols in sections etc, use layers for symbols and not hide when for example slabs are not shown.....


Mac OSX - up to date

Archicad 6 to 25

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