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Publish current ArchiCAD project on Sharepoint site

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I would like to develop an addon that would publish the current project on a SharePoint website.

I successfully did it for Revit thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint Client library (C#).

Do you think it is possible to do the same with C++-based ArchiCAD ?

Thanks for your help.

Ralph Wessel
Not directly, but there's probably a workaround. Your existing method with Revit wouldn't work on a cross-platform application like Archicad (Revit is locked into Windows).

I can think of several possibilities:

1) Write a stand-alone .Net-based tool that you invoke from your add-on, passing whatever parameters are required to upload the target project

2) I think the deprecated RPC API for Sharepoint could potentially be called from an add-on - see

3) You might be able to leverage one of the other APIs, e.g. Javascript, indirectly (similar to point 1, but you might not need a full application).
Ralph Wessel BArch

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Do you think I could write a Python script that does the job and that would be executable from the new "Python palette" in ArchiCAD ?

Ralph Wessel
I'm not sure if the Archicad Python API is capable of that. But you could write an external python script and invoke it from an add-on (passing the relevant parameters). It also depends on whether there is a suitable python library for interacting with Sharepoint (otherwise you don't gain anything). Bear in mind that any language use relying on .Net won't work directly in Archicad - otherwise you could do it in C++ too. The primary problem is that MS designs its software to limit interaction in a platform-neutral way. That situation is improving, but I don't believe .Net will every be a level playing field across platforms.
Ralph Wessel BArch

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There is a Sharepoint library in Python that can be used to upload a document on a Sharepoint site. The question is : will I be able to call my Python script from ArchiCAD ?
If not, I'd be better trying to do it in C++ directly.

we are looking also for a way to publish Archicad documentations directly to SharePoint.
You know of a way to implement BIMx model viewer into a SharePoint website?
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