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Python, IFC-Import, Clean File

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Hi guys,
is there already an example-script for search & activate with python? We hotlink an IFC from the MEP-engeneer and don't want import all the surfaces. I've seen that there are some settings for converting the building materials in the IFC translator, but there is no possiblity to convert the surfaces...
So we'll import the IFC with the layers and want to search the elements by search & activate and change the surface manually and delete the imported surfaces afterwards. Is there a script outside to do something like that automatically or a basic script which I could adapt?
Thank you.

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Has you try with the rhino live connection?

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Hi Jose
Thank you for your response, what do you mean with the rhino live connection? I know the connection with grasshopper, do you think about this workflow or do you have any information to learn, what you're thinking about?
Thank you;)

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