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Rhino inside Revit & Grasshopper Archicad connection



Are you keeping an eye on how fast Rhino inside Revit is developing? It is maturing really, really well. When I first saw the Grasshopper Archicad connection it was long before the Rhino Inside Revit project started. Unfortunately, Archicad GH development is very slow and is way less powerful than RiR. 

I'm Rhino first user and if I want to leverage all the good things Rhino is allowing me to do I can't choose Archicad... I must stay with Revit.

Is this project taken seriously?


James B

We don't currently have plans to bring Rhino.Inside to Archicad for the primary reason there is no Mac support - and there doesn't seem to be any Mac version on the horizon from McNeel.

If this situation changes, we will reconsider this of course.

We will continue development with our existing add-on. Recently we updated the add-on to bring Rhino 7 support - you can download the newer versions from here (for AC25 and AC24):

Technical Product Manager, Graphisoft


Well, it's a pity that if something isn't provided for the mac, I as a windows user can't do it either.

I know that you upgraded your addon to work with Rhino 7, the thing is that it took something around 9 months after Rhino 7 was officially released.

Also, I don't know if there was anything new in the plugin.


Integrating another program into your own would be a lot of work, and if a large proportion of your user base cannot even use it due to OS restrictions, and and even larger proportion would not use it, why spend the resources on it...

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