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What triggers a gdl object to redraw itself?


I noticed that "Survey Coordinate Object 25" automatically updates the coordinates displayed when the survey coordinates are changed through the "Location Settings..." menu.


I have written objects that display parameter values derived from model information.  However if the model information changes, my object does not know to re-evaluate itself and update its display automatically.   I have to open the object or otherwise touch it in some way before it will update.  So how does the "Survey Coordinate Object 25" know that model information has changed and updates its coordinates automatically?  What triggers it to re-execute its 2d script?


Maybe I shouldn't store the values as object parameters?  Is seems I have a functional deficiency in my approach.  When is the 2d script of an object triggered?  At every redraw, or at a parameter change?




You can trigger it... basically if any parameter changes the scripts are redone..

You can use  if glob_modpar_name="yourParameter" and then for sure everything that is between that and endif will be redone on that parameter change


But when You move the object it will not be redrawn...the cache is in action.

There are some object that have to be redrawn by rebuild: regret to say that is stair grid for example...;P

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