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replace window with door

I'd like to replace an element that actually is a window by a door, by changing the used library part.For replacing library parts window with window or door with door it works perfectly.But is it possible to change an element from window to door?My a...

How To Hook And Cancel When Delete Element

Please Teach me. How To Hook And Cancel When Delete Element. I catch DELETE Handler static GSErrCode __ACENV_CALL ElementEventHandler(const API_NotifyElementType *elemType) { GSErrCode err = NoError; switch (elemType->notifID) { case APINotifyElement...

Kouichi by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

Complex poly object

Hello, I am trying to create an object which is essentially a 4 sided shape where the 4 corners can be moved which is simple enough on it's own. However there is also the requirement to have the option of adding a fillet or chamfer to each corner. Is...

JGoode by Advocate
  • 11 replies

Issue with dynamic hotspot and height stretching

Hello, I have some weird problem with a dynamic hotspot. I'm on AC 21 3005 but I replicated it in AC 24 7006 too. It's not a really important bug but I cannot understand what is happening So let's say I have an object with two extrusions, in the main...

GDL: line elimination in tube and sweep

I've tried scripting the same tubular shape using "tube" and "sweep." Both results are not completely as desired due to the lines appearing in 3D. Is there anyway to eliminate these lines? resol 32 sweep 2,36,0,1,1+2+16+32, 0,0,901, 1.5",360,4001, 0,...