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Global User Variables

I am trying to set up a system where a number of different GDL objects can access common values. These values need to be accessible for updating with all the connected objects following the changes. I have a set up using MVO and the objects pulling v...

Resolved! Changing Length with Python

Hello everyone, I've been trying to edit walls with the Archicad Python Wrapper and i had success changing the 'General_Height'and 'General_Thickness' of a wall, but 'General_Length' appears to be a read-only property. It appears as 'General_Width' i...

Dayiz by Participant
  • 2 replies

TEXTBLOCK lines height adjustment

I've been putting up a custom schedule in GDL to list finishes of a project out of surfaces, and it seems to be working all fine, but I would like to have the text block lines a bit closer to each other. Is there a height factor to be applied to text...


Rhino inside Revit & Grasshopper Archicad connection

Hi,Are you keeping an eye on how fast Rhino inside Revit is developing? It is maturing really, really well. When I first saw the Grasshopper Archicad connection it was long before the Rhino Inside Revit project started. Unfortunately, Archicad GH dev...

AndrewGO by Participant
  • 3 replies

Param-O Value of a variable in range

Hello Community!I am looking for a way to lock the value of a parameter in range without going into GDL code (in Param-O). I would be grateful if someone could share the solution to this problem,Best regards,Rafał Rucki.

rav668 by Participant
  • 2 replies

Reveal settings parameters?

On an automatic appearing tab page of windows appears the following:Is it possible toa) place this tab on another position (mabe the 2nd)? It always appears on the last or second last page.b) to use those 5 setting parameters anywhere else in the Use...


UI Interfaces

Hi there, I am initially an Architectural Technologist and very interested in coding and software design. I have one year experience how to use Python in Rhino. I am also interested in other part of software development as well, such as User Interfac...

Archicad C++ Developer needed

Dear community fellows We need an experienced Archicad C++ developer to support our team in one high profile implementation for building industry in Switzerland. Period: 5 - 10 MD in November/December. If interested, please contact me directly in a P...