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Need, API devkits for AC 17

Hello, recently registered as a developer of add-ons, awarded the developer's ID. But I can not find and download the API devkits for AC 17, for a number of reasons I need to start with this version. Help who can.

ufoname by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Prevent element from copy user data

I use function function ACAPI_​Element_​SetUserData to attach additional information. The problem is that this data is copied with element when i "Drag a Copy" and then I have to deal with unwanted behaviorur caused by that. Is there a way to prevent...

Starting Scripting on ArchiCAD

Hi guys! I would like to start creating scripts on archiCAD 20! My kind of scripts has nothing to do with GDL objects. I would like to create automation scripts. For example: 1) Automatic use the "Fit To Grid Cell" function on my camera's captures, w...

ofirster by Newcomer
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Adding an Element question

Hey, It's your new favourite newbie again I have another question: Let's say that I created a new composite and I want programatically to draw 1m of it at the center of the screen. Is this possible, because I can't find anything similar in the Elemen...

[SOLVED] German letters not showing properly

Hello again, I'm tryging to create a new attribute with name "Sto-Dämmplatte Top32", but the ä symbol seems to break like in the image bellow. What could be the possible reason for that? My code is something like that: const char * name = vectorit->n...

[SOLVED] Creating property group error -2130312312

Hello, I'm trying to create a new property group and I get this errorcode -2130312312. I checked the code and it corresponds to this error - "The passed identifier is not subject to the operation." I'm using the example code from this page - http://a...