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Retrieving renovation filter state [show/hide/override]

Hello, I was unclear on how to retrieve the filter settings state within the renovation filters. For instance, within the Renovation Filter Options, if I select 01 Existing Plan, I would like to retrieve the state [Show/Hide/Override] of Existing Ele...

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Warnings in Parameter Script Issues

Is their any particular reason why the table listing the request commands functionality in the parameter script is incorrect? Some things are listed as fine and functional in the table but they don't work or cause warnings (which they mention later i...

JaseBee by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Confusion about starting add-on development

Hi, I've registered to the API platform in order to try and develop my own addon. I am a bit familiar with coding such as HTML and a bit of JavaScript, but my C++ skills are unknown. I've read through the basic explanations on: http://archicadapi.gra...

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Steps for updating add-on to work with Archicad 21

Hello, I have a working add-on, developed and working on Archicad 20. When I try to add it in Archicad 21 I get the "outdated" error in the add-on manager. What are the steps to migrate to the newer API? Thanks in advance, Julian

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Creating 3D Document filtered with marquee

Greetings, I'm trying to replicate thru code the creation of 3D document from floor plan with a marquee filter like when you manually create a marquee then right-click New 3D Document from Floor Plan. I've managed to create a 3D Document using ACAPI_...

ClientConnection partial download

I am downloading a binary file (gsm object) with ClientConnection class. When working in development environment with faster localhost server which serves gsm objects, everything works fine. When I moved to a production server on different location, ...

[SOLVED] modeless palette question

Hello Archicad Developers!!! I have a two questions about palettes: I need to have something like the BIMObject palette with those buttons which have images.. I found an example

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[SOLVED] From .gsm file to embedded library

What would be the best way to store a .gsm file as a new API_LibPart object in embedded library? Is it possible to fill LibPart sections from gsm file? Currently I am adding a new linked library APIEnv_AddLibrariesID, search for object by name with A...