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Library Part - array - GSHandle

Hello there. I have been trying to create library parts using the C++ API. However, I have encountered a problem when creating parameters for said library parts. I can add parameters that are NOT arrays, using the different types (APIParT_Integer, et...

Xylios by Newcomer
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SaveAs .obj (or .treejs)

Hello all I try to build a 3D preview from current selected object. I have seen the ACAPI_Automate (APIDo_SaveID, ...) call but it seem's limited to the API_FTypeID list. Is there another way to do a SaveAs for exporting the current selected item (or...

Get the Type ID and Variation ID from API_LibPart

Hello the forum I download library parts and insert them in Archicad projects. To do the job correctly i need to know what is exactly the library part. (a stair, a window, a door, a wall...) For the moment i have this info in xml side-car files so i ...

Start Edition

Does the Devkit also support ArchiCAD Start Edition? E.g. can an ArchiCAD 19 APX run on ArchiCAD Start Edition 2016 (based on 19)? I assume that you have to take care not to use methods that call into non-supported functionality (e.g. Publisher, ...)...

stefan by Booster
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Selecting a tool for object insertion

Hello I have an Addon that let's me download objects (.gsm, .dor etc...). After downloading the object the user want's to insert the downloaded object in the current model. To do this correctly, the user must select the right tool depending on the ob...

Unable to select curtain wall on elevation view

When a curtain wall is placed below storey 0, it cannot be selected. I put two curtain wall, one on storey 0 and the other on storey -1. I then put an elevation marker in front of them. I viewed the elevation marker then select all curtain wall. Only...

Use gravity for Z position

My Addon creates API_Element (GDL object) on user specified coordinates acquired with APIIo_GetPointID. X and Y coordinates are ok, Z coordinate is always zero. I would like to use gravity when picking a point on eg Mesh so Z coordinate gets populate...

[SOLVED] New line in dimension note

I found out that the note in dimension can now be a multi-line. But when I tried using "\n" it was shown as the replacement character "▯" but it is correctly displayed in the settings dialog. When I tried using paragraph marker, "¶", it is shown as i...

emptyHolesSurf1 and 2

When we collect the emptyHolesSurf1 and emptyHolesSurf2 from the API_WallQuantity structure, they seem to include the Doors/Windows as well. Is an "empty opening" is actually still seen as a door or window? E.g. Wall 10x3x1 meter Empty Window 1x1 met...

stefan by Booster
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How to embed images in gsm with ”LP_XMLconverger"?

Hi! I had a few problems when I used "LP_XMLconverter.exe" to embed images in gsm. The first problem is how to exchange gsm to xml format?and how to exchange xml to gsm? The second problem is when I used "LP_XMLconverter.exe",it always automatically ...